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I am a 2nd grade teacher in a public charter school. Our school is located in a rehabbed warehouse in an industrial area of the city, and I was concerned about the air quality in my classroom. With allergens, pollution, construction dust, and germs, I wanted a high-quality air purifier to help keep my students healthy. We love that Blueair purifiers don't emit ozone (which aggravates asthma), and that they are powerful enough to handle the size of our space. We just received our unit, and we are looking forward to a healthy school year!!

Saint Louis, Missouri

So far my wife has been sneezing about 95% less even with 2 cats running around the house. I have even been sleeping better at night and both of us are breathing.

Robert A Carey
Watseka, Illinois

My wife gets bad seasonal allergies and sinus infections. Since using a blueair unit I borrowed from a friend in our bedroom the occurrences have drastically reduced.

Ryan Andersen

We have been using the ECO10 air puriifier to clean the air in our home. It makes a big difference. I also contributing to the environment's health by quitting smoking. I used to smoke cigars.

Shlomo Ginsburg