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Pristine clean air. Allergy and respiratory risks reduced. All with a sense of style and purpose as Blueair’s HEPASilent technology removes harmful airborne pollutants from rooms faster than competing products.
The world’s most energy efficient full-size air purifier available today. Reduce your carbon footprint by a ton (2,240 lbs) as the ECO10 produces nearly 95% less carbon emissions compared to competitive models.
All the performance of the 603 with an added remote control and digital display for simple speed changes and an instant view of current particle and gas detection and filter change status.
Featuring the world's highest Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR), the Blueair 603 uses HEPASilent technology to powerfully and silently clean the air you breathe in rooms up to 700 square feet.
Designed for rooms up to 580 square feet, the 503 is one of the most elite air cleaning systems available delivering whisper silent, highly efficient clean air delivery with three adjustable speeds.
Silently and effectively clean indoor air in rooms up to 365 square feet, the 450E gives you remote control and instant digital access to particle and gas levels, speed settings, and filter change status.
Designed to fit basic rooms up to 365 square feet, the 403 delivers the ideal balance of high Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) and low energy consumption and noise for performance that's anything but average.
The 203 is small in size but big on delivering quiet and efficient air cleaning for rooms up to 240 square feet using powerful HEPASilent® technology, which combinines the latest in mechanical and electrostatic filtration.

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