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Blueair 500 Series



What is the 503?


The Blueair 500 series air purification systems are among the most elite systems available on the market today!  The 503 is designed for rooms up to 580 sq. ft. and has been certified through independent testing done by the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers (AHAM) in clean air delivery rate (CADR). Clean air delivery rate is determined by two factors, the amount of clean air that is cycled through the room by the purifier and the rate at which the clean air is produced. For more information on CADR, visit the Blueair brand page here or, visit to see for yourself how Blueair performs!

Electronic particle and gas sensors confirm that the unit is effectively removing allergens such as pollen, dust, smoke, mold spores and pet dander from the air. The electronic display also informs you when it is time to change your Blueair filter.

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HEPASilent Technology®

Blueair’s patented HEPASilent filtration technology combines advanced filter media and an encapsulated ion particle charging chamber to achieve far better results than either mechanical or electrostatic technology alone.

Energy Efficient

By meeting the strict energy efficiency guidelines set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Energy, all Blueair purifiers have earned the Energy Star. On average, it costs no more than a single light bulb to run a Blueair system 24/7!

Whisper-Silent Operation

Sound levels during operation are so low that you may wonder if your Blueair unit is turned on. When the blue light is on, Blueair is quietly at work improving the quality of the air you’re breathing. Our units are incredibly quiet.

Award-Winning Design

Sleek and stylish, Blueair air purifiers have been created to fit seamlessly into your lifestyle and décor, so that our air purifiers enhance and flow with any room. Blueair’s contemporary look has earned the company one of the most prestigious design awards, the Excellent Swedish Design Award.

Independently Certified

Don’t just take our word on the excellent performance of Blueair air purifiers. The performance of all Blueair air purifiers is independently verified by the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers (AHAM) and its Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) program through state of the art testing at a third-party laboratory. Visit to see for yourself how Blueair performs! 

Environmentally Aware

Blueair units offer exceptional performance without polluting the environment. Blueair uses a patented filter media that is one of the least harmful plastics available, producing only water and carbon dioxide as it decomposes. In fact, during testing, Blueair air purifiers not only produced zero ozone, the unit actually lowered the ozone in the test room!