We Live for Clean Air

Fifty years ago, if you were to walk into a home and see a vacuum cleaner, you would have been taken aback by encountering the device. If you were to walk into a home today and not come across at least one vacuum cleaner, you would be taken aback.

This is the natural evolution of technology, and we are at the beginning of air purification revolution. Air purifiers used to be perceived as devices only beneficial to those suffering from some medical condition, such as asthma or sever allergies. Purifiers were ignored by the general “healthy” population, think there were minimal benefits for these products.

Finally, that shift in uninformed attitude is changing.

At Blueair, we live for clean air. After all, clean air is a human right. From someone with the most severe allergies to someone who has two percent body fat and just completed their 50th marathon, every single person on this planet can benefit from cleaner air. It’s our mission at Blueair to educate the mainstream population of this fact. We know it’s not going to be easy or happen overnight – but it’s going to happen.

Over the last year alone, we've started to see signs in the way we think about clean air. Sales in the U.S. are up 20% for Blueair this year. High demand of our products has even put us out of stock for specific items at times. We keep trying to fulfill all of their requests for our devices and best serve our customers, but they’re catching on more quickly than even we anticipated. We’re not complaining though. We love having this problem. It shows that people are getting aware and taking action.

This increased demand for our products isn't just happening throughout the U.S. either – it’s happening globally. Japan and China have seen an explosion in demand for our products. Australia loves us. Singapore too. More and more markets are quickly catching on.

With this increase in demand for our products and our devotion to bringing every individual on the planet cleaner air - at a faster rate (which is what our products offer), we are thrilled to be doing more within our company to serve our customers better and cater to their each and every need. You probably noticed a much sleeker, sexier website than past visits.

We determined not only was it essential to stick to our Scandinavian roots with the re-design, but more importantly we now have a platform to share our knowledge about the current problems in air pollution we face with you, and how to evaluate these problems and address them correctly with our premium air purifiers. We will be publishing much more unique and engaging content than ever before – and we expect you to be part of that process. We welcome your feedback. We want to know what you like about it and what you don’t. If we happen to misspell “environment” and you want to call us out on that, we’d be happy to here that too. (Let’s be honest, even we aren’t perfect.)

We’re going to be making it easier for you to find our products at our valued retail partners as well. Just as we’re counting on you to be a part of the clean air revolution, we’re counting on them as well and will be doing more to promote their stores and locations, and help make purchasing our products from them more convenient than ever before.

From exhibiting at upcoming trade shows to releasing industry white papers, you’re going to be seeing and hearing (and hopefully buying) a lot from us over the upcoming months and years. If you’re one of the marvelous people that share our passion for clean air, you should be thinking about even joining the Blueair team. We’re bolstering our Customer Service team to furthermore strengthen the service as our sales goes up (call our customer service line and ask for Justin Warren if you are interested!), and we need devoted people to provide fellow customers with accurate information and help educate them on our products as well. Check back often for open positions.

Our company is here not to just sell you our products but to sell you on clean air. That’s why we’re not just pushing out industry-leading products. We’re pushing out educational awareness of the problems so many of us face but choose to ignore.

Take our word for it, you’re going to start noticing more and more air purification systems when you walk into the homes of your friends, family and coworkers. Possibly even next to the vacuum cleaner.

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