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Small space. Big results.
Small space. Big results.

Perfect size for a small bedroom.

Designed to match the quality of the Blueair 400 series, the Blueair 203 Slim is the perfect clean air solution for rooms 240 square feet and under.  

Designed to fit in tight spaces.
Designed to fit in tight spaces.

Utilizing an airflow pattern that flows from back to top, the Blueair 203 Slim can occupy tight spaces without compromised performance.

Its small size makes it ideal for placement near a wall or in a corner, just be sure the back of your unit is a minimum of four inches from the wall. 

HEPASilent® Technology.

Blueair’s HEPASilent filtration process captures 99.97% of airborne particles down to 0.1 micron in size.

HEPASilent technology unites the best in electrostatic and mechanical filtration. Its revolutionary combination of advanced filter media and an encapsulated ion particle charging chamber ensures that your Blueair purifier delivers results far superior than either mechanical or electrostatic technology alone. Learn more 
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High pressure airflow.
High pressure airflow.

Small in size, big on efficiency.

The compact fan design of the Blueair 203 Slim expertly handles high-pressure airflow, even for long periods of time. 

203 - Easy to change filter

Ready, set, replace.

Easy access for simplified filter changes.

Taking up the entire back side of the unit, the larger airflow input not only cleans the air faster, it also allows for uncomplicated filter changes. When it's time for a change simply open the door on the back of the unit, making filter replacements a breeze even for those unfamiliar with air purifiers. 


manual series - Know when to change

Countdown to change.

To ensure you’re never getting less than high quality clean air, our manual units come with a timer to alert you when your filter needs to be changed. The magnetic back allows you to attach the timer to your unit, refrigerator, or anywhere else.

203 - Easy to live with.

Easy to live with.

Weighing in at 25 lbs, the lightweight 203 Slim comes with a handle, so you can move your Blueair unit around your home with ease.

Award winning design.
Award winning design.

Parent to Parent Adding Wisdom Award.

Nominated by a committee of parenting experts and carefully reviewed first hand by families, the Blueair 203 Slim received the Parent to Parent Adding Wisdom Award in the Children’s Health and Well-being category. 

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